Used Caterpillar 324 Marsh Excavator for Sale

Caterpillar 324 Excavator with Amphibious Pontoon

Caterpillar 324 Swamp Excavator for Sale at Wilson Marsh Equipment. This machine has all the power you need for the largest jobs. With auxiliary circuits to spare, this Caterpillar Excavator can handle a huge array of attachments. Mounted on a Wilson Amphibious Undercarriage, this machine can work in soft, wet ground with ease.

Picture of a Used Wilson Caterpillar 324 Marsh Excavator for Sale

Excavator Specifications

  • Call for details.

Pontoon Specifications

These pontoons are brand new and built to the usual high Wilson standards to give you a low ground pressure machine, corrosion-resistant, maneuverable, and built-to-last from high grade materials.

  • Corrosion resistance Cor 10 steel
  • Heavy-duty T60-61 track pads
  • Each pad has (2) two UHMW load transfer pads and 4 pitch heavy-duty track chains
  • Finish: Organic zinc epoxy base coat, Primer, Epoxy topcoat.
  • Interior: Zinc chromate rust inhibitor
  • Call for Full Details

This machine is a great investment. You get a machine that works like new for significantly less. It is well-maintained and fully serviced. This is a great opportunity to buy Wilson durability, maneuverability and quality at a reduced price. Hurry, because our used machines are in demand and don't sit for long.

Call for Price and Specifications

Call Today (504) 340-6147 and ask for Paul. Our machines are designed to be easier to ship, and we can send them worldwide (excluding European Union). Call from anywhere in the world by dialing your International access code, followed by 1.504.340.6147.


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