Used 2010 Wilson Caterpillar 324D Marsh Buggy

Used 2010 Wilson Caterpillar 324D Marsh Buggy

Caterpillar 324 Swamp Excavator for Sale through Wilson Marsh Equipment. This machine has all the power you need for the largest jobs. With auxiliary circuits to spare, this Caterpillar Excavator can handle a huge array of attachments. Mounted on a Wilson Amphibious Undercarriage, this machine can work in soft, wet ground with ease.

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Picture of a Used 2010 Wilson Caterpillar 324 Marsh Excavator for Sale

Mounted on our 5’W x 5’H x 28’L, overall width 18’, low­ ground pressure undercarriage. The undercarriage is built with a corrosion resistance Cor 10 steel and heavy­duty T60­61 track pads. Each pad has (2) two UHMW load transfer pads and 4” pitch heavy­duty track chains.

Pontoons are blasted and painted with an organic zinc epoxy base coat, primer, and epoxy topcoat. Inside of pontoons are coated with zinc chromate rust inhibitor.

    2010 Model Caterpillar 324D Wilson Marsh Buggy with 3,600 hours. Fitted with new cleats.

    Excavator Specificatiions

    • Fuel: Diesel
    • Horsepower: 169 HP
    • Operating Weight: 75,000 lbs (approx.)
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 137 Gallons
    • Hours: 3,600 Hrs
    • Serial Number: JJG021129

    Pontoon Specifications

    • Construction ASTM, A588, ASTM, A572, ASTM, A36
    • Track Shoes Specially Extruded 6061 ­ T6 Aluminum
    • Width (each): 5’
    • Height: 5’
    • Length: 28’
    • Corrosion Resistant Cor 10 steel
    • Finish: Organic zinc epoxy base coat, Primer, Epoxy topcoat.
    • Interior: Zinc chromate rust inhibitor

    Optional Equipment

    • Counter Weight Fuel Tank: Included
    • Catwalks: Included

    Overall Specifications

    • Speed: 1.3 MPH
    • Ground Pressure: 1.5 PSI
    • Width: 18’
    • Height: 13’3”
    • Length: 30’
    • Back to Boom: 43’7”

    Working Range

    • Max Dump Height: 32’4”
    • Max Digging Depth @ Ground Level: 24’1”
    • Max Digging Depth Soft Terrain: 27”
    • Max Vertical Wall Depth: 21’6”
    • Max Digging Reach @ Ground Level: 34’6”

    Price: $325,000.00​ (US Dollars) Transportation not included.

    Call: 504.340.­6147 and ask for John



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